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First Kiss

Performed by: ICHIKO
Lyrics: ICHIKO
Composer: ?? (probably also ICHIKO)
Relation to anime: opening theme for Zero no Tsukaima

Not sure if it’s been released, but probably has been somewhere as part of Zero no Tsukaima OST.

The lyrics can be found here in full. (I used the english translation from here too. Thanks atashi.)




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Sung by: Maaya Sakamoto
Lyrics: troy
Composer: Yoko Kanno
Relation to anime: ending song to Wolf’s Rain (2003).

Released as single in 2002.
Released as part of compilation Single Collection + Nikopachi (Maaya’s second singles collection) in 2003.
Released as part of Wolf’s Rain OST Vol. 1.

The lyrics can be found here in full.



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Chanced upon my blog? Confused by the lack of posts on it, and also by its weird title?

 (Don’t worry, I feel the same way.)

This blog will soon be up and running! In this space, I intend to review music from anime. These will mostly be songs, since they are more interesting ( as they have lyrics) but I will also review anime OST’s (official sound tracks).

 Please look forward to it!

(Sorry, I have to ask. what the hell are “pings”??? GAH WORDPRESS IS SCARY.)

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