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Dearly beloved.

We have gathered here today to celebrate…yes, to celebrate the fact that I have entered in a singing competition. It’s called AFM, which stands for Anime Fan Music, I think >< I hope that’s right. Anyway.

I suddenly feel nervous, but whatever.

Visit the competition here. You can listen to all sixteen or so entries there are, including mine – Brand New Breeze from La Corda d’Oro, originally by Kanon. (Read my review of it here.)

So. Go. And I promise I’ll write a new review really soon. In fact, it should probably come up before this post, because I started it a while ago. I feel a little guilty for missing the one year anniversary of starting this site, but I don’t care that much…it’s only 2 weeks or so late >_> and it’s not like I’m a very reliable updater anyway.

Well then.

 Please vote for me ❤

Unless you want to vote for someone else XD in which case, I completely understand.


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