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Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu

Performed by: Rie Fu
Lyrics: Rie Fu
Music: Rie Fu
Used as 5th ending theme to anime D.Gray-man

The lyrics and english translation can be found here.

Translation was not done by me. Credit goes to owner of above linked site, Sarah/Frecklegirl, who has skills.




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I’m really sorry, everyone.

I’ve been…busy. Yes. I suddenly have a lot of work, and haven’t had that much time to write reviews.

I’ve been intending to review Rie Fu’s Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu for a while, but kept getting distracted.

I can’t promise, but I’ll definitely try to review something as soon as i get some free time! <33

Meanwhile, go and watch some ayaka videos on youtube. They’re really amazing. Ayaka is so amazing live ❤ and non-live, of course, but she’s even more amazing live.

I really like For Today, Eien no Monogatari and Kimi no Power to Otona no Furi and Shalala and Mikazuki of course, and Jewelry Day and Winding Road. Basically, most of her singles are pretty good and some of her album songs, too. My friend bought her album – First Message – for me in Japan ❤ I also bought KOKIA’s album Remember me. That’s good too, I like it. Power of Smile <33333

So, lucky me. Now I don’t just have Utada Hikaru’s album in my collection (I don’t even know why I bought it. I think I listened to it, like, once, then got sick of her annoying voice. Sorry to all those fans out there, but I find her voice really annoying) but also ayaka and KOKIA’s too.

Support ayaka’s rise to fame as she conquers the world with her amazing voice and short stature~

and yes. Reviews are coming soon.

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