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Have recently been considering starting this site up again, but am not sure if I should due to my apparent inability to update regularly (if at all). In the meantime, I discovered this review in the drafts section, and decided to publish it. Please excuse the sketchiness and informality of the reviewing, mostly I just really like this song.

Performed by: KOKIA
Lyrics: KOKIA
Music: KOKIA
Anime: Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-

KOKIA’s 17th single.

Lyrics can be found here, including translation, thanks to atashi (not translated by me).


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Has anyone been watching Minami-ke ~okawari~ lately?

I loved the first season greatly. I liked Chiaki. I ship Fujioka/Kana. I liked the beginning of the op. I liked the whole anime’s approach and animation and vague plot and characters and humour.

Thus I was sad when it ended, and delighted to hear that there was a second season.

(Yeah, I know I’m a bit late in complaining about okawari when it came out ages ago, but I’ve been busy.)


Some of these are timing and humour, which i somehow feel have gotten worse. I do not know.

However, the biggest problem i have with it is the character design. compare…

before. <333

It used to look ok





I mean, what the hell???? I liked her original hair colour so much. And like, she just looks so retarded now. I find it very awful… very shocking.

Haruka also looks somehow weird.

Even Kana, who I think has best retained her appearance from the first season, has slightly skewed features.

Yes. I have issues with their eyes.

and Fujioka is blonde also. I have issues with that.

I don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s only me who feels this way, but it’s depressing me.

I liked minami-ke. the question is… will okawari be able to redeem itself enough to overcome the fact that CHIAKI IS BLONDE??

Only time will tell.

(I promise I’ll write a review soon!! )

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Tori no Uta

Performed by: Lia
Lyrics: Jun Maeda
Composer: Shinji Orito
Arrangement: Kazuya Takase
Relation to anime: used as opening song to Air TV

The lyrics can be found here.

*There is some debate over whether the name is ‘Tori no Shi’ or ‘Tori no Uta’, but apparently it’s actually Tori no Uta, which means ‘Song of the Bird’, as opposed to Tori no Shi, which means ‘Poem of the Bird’…I think. Either way, it’s one of those.



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