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Due to unexpected demand, I have written out a rough outline of the chords to Kotoba. These may be slightly confusing…but I am too lazy atm to write out a full transcription. If you really can’t work it out and you desperately want me to transcribe it fully, please comment and i’ll see what i can do.

Link to previous review:  Kotoba

Please note I have added in some chord translations for the confusing ones (sorry I fail at proper chord names…they are so confusing!!!)

Kotoba – Izumi Katou [chords]



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Artist: Izumi Katou
Lyrics: ??
Composer: ??

Used as 9th ending theme to Bokura Ga Ita.

The lyrics can be found here. English translation from gendou.

NEW: rough chords transcribed by me – Kotoba [rough chords]

ANNOUNCEMENT! There have been many requests for the transcription of this song. Please note – I have NOT made a transcription, nor do know where to find one. All I have done is written out the chords, which are linked just above. You should be able to work out how to play the accompaniment from the chords, as the accompaniment is basically chords anyway. Please do not continue asking me to send you the sheet music as I do not have any : (

I understand just chords may not be enough to work out how to play the song fully if you are lazy. Please don’t say you are lazy! : (



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